BIM Design Services:

Whether we are turning a rough sketch into a design, a rough set of concrete plans into a buildable LGS design, converting production plans from a 2D to a 3D BIM model or helping your design team with an influx of work, FrameMax BIM modeling specialists are committed to your project's success.


We work along side the developers and the design team to provide a service that aligns with the clients needs, identifies conflicts prior to construction and maximizes the strengths of BIM modeling.



-Complete construction document sets

-Integration with production equipment

-Detailed panelization and framing drawings

-Renderings, simulations and marketing materials



Engineering Services:

FrameMax can offer a range of engineering solutions to enable your project's success.  Whether it is consulting on specific LGS details, value engineering, design of the LGS structure only or complete turn key structural engineering analysis, FrameMax engineering will provide professional engineering services with integrity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to service.  With a huge plan layout library, FrameMax is able to reduce project planning time and ensure accuracy in construction.


We will work with the local building authority to provide an economical, efficient and code complaint solution.



-Complete structural document sets

-Detailed calculations for submittals

-Engineered LGS details

-Site walks and inspections

Some of our library plans for turnkey solutions

BIM Modeling and Engineering

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