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The Problem

There are a lot of roll former manufacturers now making light gauge steel roller equipment. Manufacturers typically sell the machines and leave with either very poor or no plans of support for the roll formers. The problem arises when the equipment fails or needs maintenance. Manufacturers do not respond or follow up, leaving the client with delayed orders and lost revenue. This problem has become pervasive across the industry.


FrameMax has dedicated engineering and design support with the intent of creating the world’s most reliable equipment. Additionally, we provide warranties and service agreements to ensure the equipment is well maintained and highly reliable. Our support team will help resolve any problems quickly as well.

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Roll-Former Certified Machine

Machine Introduction

This adjustable roll former is a FrameMax machine design which is used to produce a variety of galvanized steel STUDS/TRACKS to be used on steel framing systems for residential and commercial construction.

Machine Overview

  • Adjustable machine that produces a variety of galvanized STUDS/TRACKS for use with FrameMax steel framing systems.

  • Automatic setup for profile sizes/thickness, just enter data into the controller and press the AUTO MODE button, then the rollers will automatically adjust.

  • Machine takes 5-7 minutes to make the adjustments.

  • Automatic cut-to-length system.

  • Automatic punching system.

  • Maximum speed 25 m/min [82 ft./min].

Machine profile capabilities

Profiles capabilities are exclusive for FrameMax profiles.

Machine process layout

Unique punching tool designs

Punching tools allocated on this machine are FrameMax designs that can improve and speed up the framing system processes in the factory as well as on the job site.

Punch 1
Punch 2
Punch 3
Punch 4
Punch 5
Punch 6
Punch 7
Punch 8

Unique profile designs

Profiles produced on this machine are FrameMax designs to be used with the FrameMax framing system processes in the factory as well as on the jobsite.

Unique panel designs

Panels are fabricated per FrameMax designs to be used with the FrameMax framing system processes in the factory as well as on the jobsite.

FrameMax-Machine operation training

The topics below are covered by the FrameMax team to ensure the proper overseas training for machine functionality.



  • Machine introduction.

  • Flag color code to identify machine’s operation condition.

  • Tag color code to identify punching tool’s operation condition.

  • Rolling bed setup (understanding hole position on shafts).

  • Shear blades setup (getting familiar with types of dies).

  • Loading and feeding steel into machine.

  • Control panel operation (to jog steel through the rolling bed).

  • Control panel screen operation.

  • QA setup validation.

  • Starting of production (labeling and bundling).

Machine Components


  • Hydraulic expanded decoiler @ 6 tons capacity (includes pressing arm).

  • Roll former bed with 16 forming stations.

  • Pre-cut system.

  • Flat-steel punching.

  • Hydraulic automatic cut-to-length system.

  • Hydraulic automatic punching system.

  • Fully automatic controller with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control length, punching positions and quantities.

  • Runout table @ 9.0 M long [29.5 ft long].

  • Power 53HP/380V/3PH.

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